May 16, 2009

Last Day in Germany

Date: Saturday May 16th, 2009

Weather: Grey skies, but not too cold, sun later in the day!
Woke up: 11:00
Bedtime: 23:00

Breakfast: Nothing but water.
Lunch: I managed two pieces of toast.
Dinner: More toast w/ peanut butter of course.

Waking up this morning was better than I expected. Although I find hangovers unavoidalbe when I am physically sick the night before, this one was not so bad. I was able to get out of bed and go to the bathroom without the urge to be sick. I tried to go back to sleep, but the cats were playing with someone in the hallway, and even though my headache was small, that was enough to keep me up.

Melanie went to the grocery store alone this morning...even though I should have gone with her. Just like most people in the world she understands the joys of a hangover, and encouaged me to say in bed until I started feeling better. She was a darling, and pick up a few things for me, my main concern being my precious butter cookies. When she came back I decided to get up, which proved to be somewhat of a failure, as I felt sick almost the moment I stood up. My fix for that feeling is to just take everything slow, don't stand up too fast, and sit down whenever I feel sick. Believe it or not it actually works, but it does make me feel like I have some sort of handicap. Moral of the story, as always, I got what I deserved. This sickness is 100% preventable, just don't drink!!

After shoving two tiny peices of toast, with peanut butter, down my throat I felt somewhat better. The dryness of my mouth made the experience less than pleasent, but I actually felt too sick to get up for water. That being said I chugged three glasses after the meal, but my mouth still felt dry. I guess that is to be expected though, as alcohol dehydrates...and considering my state last night, remembering to drink cannot be expected. Although I did have one glass after getting sick the first time!

Like the caring sister that she is Melanie encouraged me to go back to bed after eating. She said that if I feel sick and want to lay down that I should do so, and not worry about it. So I took her advice, grabbed a couple movies, and retired to my room fo a few hours. I fell asleep during Matrix Reloaded, but made sure to rewind and watch the parts that I missed, as I have never seen the movie before. It wasn't anything special (sorry fans), I found it a bit boring...and could hardly stand all the random lengthy speaches scattered throughout the movie. That could be partly because the volume on this computer is not the loudest, and any quite talking was difficult to hear. Perhaps I will revisit the movie again, but on my TV at home with proper volume.

Packing my suitcase was an interesting experience. As Mom predicted in an e-mail I was both excited, and very sad. I think it was healthy for me to have some time to myself, since I am always surrounded at home. Not to say I did not miss anyone, or that I did not feel lonely at times, I am simply saying that I had a good couple of weeks...and will miss it here. It was nice to hang out with Melanie again, we get along well (unless she is good at hiding her dislike, hahaha)...and I actually enjoyed walking around town everyday. It's was a really good feeling to know I could get around on my own without a car. It's a totally new feeling of independance! The public transit system here, as in most lage cities, is far superios to Kingston! In fact I think that cars aren't even needed here...10 mintues on transit and I am in the heart of downtown. In Kingston it would be 30-35, even though the city is tiny in comparison.

My fingers will be crossed tomorow morning when I head to the airport. Although I am not carrying the same things as before, and many liquids are not returning, I still fear that I will be over the weight limit. I tried my best to pack my carry on with a few heavy items to lessen the load, but it still seems heavy. I was under by a couple kgs back home, but I will have to double check that the limit is the same here...let's hope it is, or I am screwed.

Dinner was more toast, a lot more toast. Thankfully all of it stayed in my stomac, and helped me kick the rest of the hangover. I did attempt to have Shreddies later in the evening, but the milk did not sit well and I couldn't finish. Watching a movie before bed was the only thing to do, so that's what I did. I said my goodbyes to the apartment, washed my face, brushed my teeth and climbed into bed...dreading the...well...dreadful hour at which I have to get up.

Goodnight, and ta ta to Germany. I come.

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