May 15, 2009

Germany - Day 13

Date: Friday May 15th, 2009

Weather: Grey skys, cool breeze.
Woke up: 10:30
Bedtime: No clue.

Beakfast: Shreddies w/ water.
Lunch: Butter cookies, and water.
Dinner: Scrambelled eggs, and toast w/ peanut butter.
Drinks: Four whiskey sours.

Nothing in paticular woke me up this morning, which was nice. The cats haven't been bothering me the last few days, but that's likely because I have been locking myself in my room where they can't get to me. There has been no scratching at the door during the night, and even when I am out of my room the seem to behave a bit better. I guess they miss me playing with I did the first few days when I thought they were nice.

I had a lovely morning just slowly getting ready to head out for the day. I downloaded the live CD LeftRightLieftRightLeft that Coldplay is giving away, and it was very nice to listen to. They are amazing both live, and recorded...which I think is very rare.

During the day I went downtown to pick up something for Melanie. Today is Sue's 23rd Birthday, and Melanie wanted me to get two books for her from the book store. I did so, then came back home, since I had nothing else to do. Upon arrival home I ate the rest of the butter cookies, and made some lunch. Without anything to do I decided to throw on a movie. Donnie Darko was my first choice, but it was only in German, so it was not an option. I found Kill Bill in her collection and decided that since I have never seen it, it was time. Most of the critiques I receive from friends about this movie are reliant upon their gender. Men always love it, and women...not so much. I enjoied the first one...

Dinner was supposed to be a bagel, but when I grabbed it out of the cupboard it was completely covered in mold. In my vacational bliss I neglected to put the open package in the fridge, and after a week and a half of sitting in the cupboard I should have expected nothing less than mold. So instead I wasted two of the last 4 tiny pieces of bread, and had toast with my eggs. It was delicious, but now I do not have enough breakfast food left for the next two mornings.

After rushing to get ready Melanie and I hopped on public transit to head down to the club. When we got there we found Sue (and friends) sitting outside, and tehy informed us the club was closed. After some debate, in German of course, Melanie told me they had decided to go to Atomic, another popular night spot in town. Upon arrival we were told that it was a smoking club, and that we had to have membership cards in order to get it. I was very confused, and thought they were telling us we have to be smokers, but that was not the case. Eventually we ended up inside, and I was very pleased with the aptmosphere of the place. Very fun, hip, and even though the music was not what I am used to, it was still cool. At first I found it hard to dance, but drinks never fail to get my body moving. Eventually I found my way to the dane floor, and had a good time. Melanie found me at 1:30 and said she wanted to go home, I had no objections, as I would much rather go with her than try to find my way home alone. I was vey drunk, and quite pleased when Melanie opted for a taxi instead of public transit, and soon we were safely at home! In my drunked state I somehow managed to wash my face and 'get ready' for bed the way I normally do, and my problems did not begin until I was in bed. Almost as soon as my head hit the pillow I needed to get sick, so I ran to the bathroom and took care of my business. I can't say how long I was in there, but it felt like forever. Finally I decided I was done and went back into my room, but again, as soon as my head was on my pillow I felt sick again. This time I just grabbed my garbage, and the feeling passed quickly.

The good news about being drunk is that once I'm out, I'm out. And I slept through the night without waking up even once. In the end although being sick is no fun, I enjoyed the night out, and think it was a great way to end the trip.

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