May 13, 2009

Germany - Day 11

Date: Wednesday May 13th, 2009

Weather: Cloudy, cool, but no rain.
Woke up: 11:00am
Bedtime: 1:30

Breakfast: Shreddies & toast w/ peanut butter.
Lunch: Pretzel, water and Choc Choc Chip ice cream.
Dinner: Alfredo w/ bow-tie pasta, butter cookies, apple and shreddies.

I was surprised to wake up today without any signs of a hangover. The only thing I felt was really thisty, so I chugged a few glases of water, and that was the end of that.

My task today was to find the English Cinema and pick up our tickets for the movie tomorrow night. Melanie sent me the directions on google maps, and they were flawless. I got there by foot in less than ten mintues, two short songs on my iPod. I guess there are assigned seats in Germany movie theatres, because I was asked where I would like to sit. Without knowing the theatre I had no idea, so I picked seats I would have picked back at Cineplex...I hope they are good.

After getting the tickets I continued downtown to wander around for a bit, and have a pretzel. There are two kinds, plan and ones with butter. I asked for one with butter, but I guess he did not understand me. Simple words like that would be good to learn in German, so I can at least order what I want. Hahaha. I went into a few shops to look around, but I think I have bought all that I am going to buy on this trip. Nothing stood out, or really caught my eye.

Melanie and Philippe went to a concert tonight, so I had the apartment to myself. All I did was play with the cats a bit, and watch the rest of the 5th season of House online. Finally I am caught up...and can watch on TV when the next season begins. I struggled a bit with what to make for dinner, but decided to have Alfredo once more. I was going to have spagetti again, but I figure I can do that on the weekend...or something.

Goodnight, and ta ta for now.

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