May 07, 2009

Germany - Day 5

Date: Thursday, May 7th 2009

Weather: Sunny and warm....finally.
Woke up: 10:48am
Bedtime: Around 23:30

Breakfast: Shreddies and water. Orange juice is all gone.
Lunch: Salami, yogurt, banana, and butter cookies.
Dinner: Homemade Alfredo w/ bow-tie pasta, and water.

First thing that happened today was while I checked my e-mail and everything in the morning Molly curled up behind me on the chair. So it seems as though I have made two new friends...finally. Perhaps she feels bad for breaking my make-up yesterday...hahaha, but I doubt it. She even licked me! But then my happiness turned to sadness as she started to bite the back of my arm, as far as I know I am not cat food? But perhaps I am mistaken.

Today was a day of songs in my head...I would think of a song at random and then keep singing it to myself ove and over. The first one was U2 - Beautiful Day...obviously because today is the nicest weather I have seen since I got here. The second was Love Train, and I have no idea why I thought of it. I think it was because I saw a lot of 'emo' kids today...and sang to myself 'emos all over the world, join hands'! It's hilarious that the style in Germany is different, but when it comes to Emo kids they look exactly the same. Funny how they are usually the ones ranting about originality, perhaps they should try it for themselves.

Shopping today was not for me, my goal was to get the gift protion out of the way...and I did. I was able to find something fo both Blake and John. I pride myself on getting gifts for people that I know they will like, and I think I have done that again this time. Believe it or not I have been in many stores, and have not really found much for myself. Most of the shops are what I call 'professional' clothes, and the rest is not very good quality, or are things I could find at home...for less money. So I have no idea what I will do. Perhaps I will just use the rest for going out to the bars, or doing tourist activities...! I guess time will tell, and I certainly do have a lot of time left.

You might have noticed that this is the second time I have had Alfedo since I got here, but it's because I have never been able to make it so good before. Might be the time I put into it, or the ingredients, but it is truly delicious...and I will probably make it several more times before I leave. The thing with me is that I never get sick of a good thing, ha! It was delicious again tonight, and I was very pleased that I decided to make it. Chef Mandi is in the house.

I tried to finished watching The Big Lebowski, but making/eating dinner got in the way again, and there is a soccer game I will finish tomorrow. I decided to sit and watch with her because she was switching between Soccer and Germany's Next Top Model. I have never ever watched a 'Next Top Model' show...and was interested to see what these girls are like. I obviously couldn't understand what they were saying, but I will be honest and say that I know girls who are naturally more attractive than them. Seriously, you could take any number of girls I know, put pounds of make-up on them, and they would be incredibly stunning. I did manage to guess who would be kicked off, the youngest girl, 16 years old. I understand that most models are very young, but I can't even imagine being under that kind of pressure at that age. The good thing is that she was on the show, and will likely have a successful career because of it.

Melanie said the weather does not look promissing this weekend, which is a dissapointment becuse I wanted to check out the night life. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be nice, so I think I will get up early and take some pictures if the sun is out. *knock on wood*

It's time for bed.
Goodnight, and ta ta for now.

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