May 03, 2009

Germany - Day 1

Date: Sunday May 3rd, 2009

Woke up:
Around 23:30.
Sunny and warm the whole day.

: Shreddies w/ orange juice.
Lunch: Apple w/ water and some mini 'butter cookies'.
Dinner: Stir fry w/ chicken, mushrooms, zukini, green peas and rice.

I am staying with my sister Melanie, in her apartment in M√ľnchen.
I arrived yesterday at noon, and will be leaving on the 17th at 8:00am.

Melanie and I took the train downtown to the centre of the city and explored. Taking the train downtown here is very simple, I simply get on, ride for three stops and then get off right in the City's centre. All the good shopping is down there, as well as the Oprea and the Ballet.
All the shops are closed on Sunday, so we just did some window shopping...and I started my door collection (of photographs) of all the designer shops around town.

I am trying to decide what I want I want to do with my two weeks here, but there are so many options it's hard. But the good news is that I had two weeks, so I can do quite a lot if I use my time wisely. What I am looking forward to the most is walking aound with my camera and taking lots of pictures.

I went online this evening and found ticket prices for the Ballett!! Much to my surprise it is actually affodable, so I am going to see one sometime this week. There are several to choose from, but since I have never been to the Ballett before I am sure I will be no less than astounded regardlessof which one I choose.

It is 22:45 now, and I am I am going to get ready for bed.
Goodnight, and ta ta for now.

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