May 11, 2009

Germany - Day 9

Date: Monday May 11th, 2009

Weather: Another beautiful day.
Woke up: 8:20
Bedtime: 23:50

Breakfast: Toast w/ peanut butter, and water.
Lunch: Pretzel and water.
Dinner: Spagetti, butter cookies and water.
Desert: Choc Choc Chip ice cream.

I was up bright and early to get ready for today. Melanie had the day off and we had a few activities planned.

First thing we did was headed over to the Bavaia Filmstadt, which is an place were movies are filmed and producted. We started out the day with a 4D movie called 'Princess on the Run', which was pretty much like riding a roller coaster, without the danger. Next we waited for an English tour, which would not start for another Melanie got a coffee and we wandered for a bit. The tour was amazing!! We visited several real movie sets, as well as made our own little movie. We saw the actual submarine used for filming 'Das Boot', as well as sets for other popular German movies/TV shows that I am not familiar with. But I would have to say the coolest thing was seeing the Dragon from A Neverending Story. I actually got to sit on it, and the turned on the camera, added the background to the blue screen and I could see myself actually flying. I remember watching (and loving) that movie as a kid, and it was so cool to meet the actual dragon they used in the movie. I didn't know that it was a German production, although only the first one was done in Germany...the rest were done elsewhere.

After the Filmstadt we had a few hours to kill before out pedicue appointments, so we went show shopping. I had planned on getting a pair of shoes earlier in the week, but did not really find anything that I really liked. Melanie took me into a wondeful shoe store, and I found a pair within 15 mins. The colour was a bit of a debate, but I decided on black (no surprise there) because I figured I would get more wear out of them that way. They are very cute summer sandals, heals, but the heals are small enough that I can walk comfortably on them without huting me feet. The pedicue appointments were at a nice little spa a bit away from Melanie's, so we had to time it just right in order to get there on time. I was excited because I had never had one until feet are very neglected. The woman was very nice, and did a wonderful job with both of us. I now have very pretty French toes, and my feet are softer than they have ever been. I think I will be getting pedicures more often now that I have had was very relaxing.

By the time we got home it was after 7pm and we were both starving, so we made Spagetti. Then I proceeded to watch several more episodes of House, until I started falling asleep at the table and decided to finish writing this before bed. I am very tired, and think that it's time to call it a day.

Goodnight, and ta ta for now.

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