May 04, 2009

Germany - Day 2

Date: Monday May 4th, 2009

Woke up:
Aound 10:30am, again.
Around 23:45.
Cloudy, windy, and cold, with a little sprinkle here and there.

Beakfast: French toast w/ orange juice, and some water.
An apple and a banana w/ water, and butter cookies.
Dinner: Toast w/ raspberry jam, and some water.

Although the weather was discouraging I decided to head downtown anyway. My goal was to find one store that I walked by yesterday, Tiffany & Co. I saw this key charm in the window when Melanie and I walked by yesteday and instantly fell in love with it. All the jewerly I wear on a day-to-day basis was given to me as a gift, except the superman charm I paid $20 fo at the Cat Town Centre. So... since I have never bought myself a 'real' piece of jewerly I did not feel the slightest bit guilty buying it.

I went into several shops today, and have one funny comment about H&M. Although I don't like the quality of their clothing there I went into H&M today to see if anything has changed...but sadly it's still the same. As I walked through the doors I noticed the incredible number of poeple inside, almost fighting over all the cloths, as well as the complete mess the store was in. Shirts piled high on display tables, pants, jackets and blouses that had fallen off hangers all over the floor...the store was a total mess. I stood for a moment and noticed that Circus - Britney Spears was playing over the speakers, and laughed silgently to meself. I thought, what an appopiate song to be playing, because that is exactly what this place is...a circus.

I had a brand new expeience today, and felt like I was part of the upper class. I decided that I would venture into Prada, although I felt pretty silly compared to the obviously wealthy people inside the store. I was treated with the utmost respect, a doorman greeted me and opened the door for me, then I was immediatly approached by a saleswoman and welcomed to the store. I walked around the store almost drooling at all the beautiful bags, although I will admit that some were not quite my taste. I fell in love with a beautiful brown leather wallett, but I did not buy it! I might go back, you never know...

I bought my ticket for the Ballet today, online. I don't even have to pick up the tickets until right before the performance when I go...but I might venture down today and see if I can get it...just so I know what's going on and don't get lost when I go on Wednesday. The Ballett is tiitled Le Corsaire and is about
'the adventure of Conrad the pirate and his beloved, Medora, who is abducted again and again' (description taken from the website). I am very excited.

I watched Momento tonight, what an intense movie. My headache will prevent me from reading before bed tonight, so I took some tylenol and am now heading to bed. Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow.

It is now 22:52pm, and I am heading to bed.
Goodnight and ta ta for now.

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  1. so i'm reading your day to day blogs...makes me feel like i'm there with ya! haha

    I absolutely love the charm you bought!! gorgeous, and i can totally see you wearing it all the time. Is Tiffany any cheaper there, or about the same?

    you said you were going to a ballet, have you decided what you will see? and what other events have you chosen to do with your time?

    so i will update you on life in kingston...
    Trevor and I lost the house we were supposed to that SUCKS!! well, the Dr's mom was sent home from the hospital so his sister is flying here from Victoria BC do take care of her all summer (or until she passes away) so they need the house for the sister to stay we might still get it, just later...its a day to day thing. So, we have been kind of looking around for other places, mostly basement apartments...not in apartment buildings, but i'm not finding much. As for work, Trevor and I start working midnights at Tim Horton's (i'm totally ashamed and will be hating my summer if something else doesn't come up soon, i'm only working there until i get something better).

    anyway, i think thats enough for today.

    i will read your update tomorrow night. Have a good sleep and i hope your headache goes away!!!

    enjoy germany!!!!!