May 08, 2009

Germany - Day 6

Date: Friday May 8th, 2009

Weather: Cloudy sky turned into sunshine.
Woke up: 10:14
Bedtime: 00:30

Breakfast: Shreddies and water.
Lunch: Butter cookies and water.
Dinner: Half a pizza w/ water.
Desert: Choc Choc Chip ice cream.

At noon I met Melanie in front of City Hall and she took me to an art gallery. She was on her lunch break, so she just helped me find my way there...then headed back to work. The building itself was impressive, as well as most of the art being displayed inside. I don't fancy myself an art lover, but I like to think I can appreciate interesting pieces as well as the next person. I really enjoyed the IKEA section, and all the old cars...but the modern art was something else. The sculptures were interesting, as well as most of the paintings, but one section was all pencil on paper. The majority of the pieces were literally scribbles, and that's all. My 'favourite' looked like someone had taken an pencil and just tapped it all over the paper, making dots. I mean come on, regardless of how 'famous' the person is who made it, can you really call that art? I can do the same thing, but it would be called....dots on a paper. One room was totally empty, with the title 'Pink Flamingo' on the wall, with the artists name beside it, and upon closer inspection I noticed that where were two bunches of strings (4 strands each) going from the cealing down to the floor. Art you say? I say it's string...sorry.

Overall I deemed it worth the €9.50 I paid to get in. There were two beautiful exebitions of photographs that I really enjoied looking at. One was architecture, and the others were done on a lage fomart camera and printed in the dark room. They were old, but it's nice to know that the real art of photography is not completely lost, and that galleries understand the beauty of that form. Just in case you are curious the photograph above it a large scale light installation from the gallery. Sex and The City anyone??

After the gallery I decided to take the long route back to city hall, and take in some of the sights. I went down streets I did not know...and saw lots of interesting buildings. Hopefully I can find my way back there when I decide to go out and do some photography...and if not, at least I got to see them. One thing I did notice is that almost every other building was undergoing some kind of renovation, or construction. I just remember thinking that this would be a great city for Dad, because he would never run out of jobs. It almost spoils the walk when you have to look at dozens of work sites almost spilling out onto the street. But regardless, this is a beautiful city and I guess they just want to make it even more beautiful.

Tonight was a night that going out was a possibility, but Melanie came home with a headache and did not want to leave. Since I also had a headache I decided not to worry, we can go out tomorrow night instead...hopefully. We spent the night on our computers, Melanie and Philippe on Twitter, while I just surfed the net aimlessly. I opened at Twitter account for fun, but since I have no followers it has not been too much fun yet. Melanie said that will change, but I am not hopeful. I guess time will tell, and since I have been on there for only a number of days, I should not judge just yet.

I am sad, and discouraged. I tried very hard to buy a nice present for John, but it seems as though I failed miserably. We measured one of his shirts at home, and by comparison the one I got it far too small. The icing on the cake? In German, at the bottom of the reciept, says that sale items are excluded from exchange...which means I am stuck with it. I am going to go back tomorrow, with Melanie, and play dumb. Hopefully they will take pity on the helpless traveller and let me exchange it for a bigger size. If not I guess I wasted a lot of money on something that will get no use...and I will have to buy him another gift! *sigh* I never get anything right.

After a long night of blog reading, Twittering, and watching German TV (which I obviously did not understand), I am going to bed. It's late...but I am wide awake. Hopefully the descriptive writings of J.R.R. Tolken will put me to sleep, as they have every night thus far.

Goodnight, and ta ta for now.

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