April 25, 2011

CNW Day 25

My deepest apologies!

I was home for the weekend and my Mom reminded me that I have not been writing my daily blog post. While it was nice to know that someone is actually reading, I already knew that she was the only one...but I will write just to make her smile.

The fact that I have not been as dedicated to my personal posts should be a good thing, because it means that I have been busy! After the first couple weeks at CNW I got into a rhythm, and was so busy doing work that I did not have time for personal endeavors while on the job.

It is not week six, and I have completed my 200 hours of placement! What I am doing now is above and beyond the call of duty, as CNW has been more than supportive of my job search, and allowed me to leave work early (or come in late) several times over my placement. I consider these last few days a big THANK YOU to them for being so understanding, and giving me a truly valuable placement experience. During my last few days I will be writing my final blog post, and making sure that all the projects I have been working on are passed along to Amanda so she can follow-through and finish what I was not allowed to.

Tasks for today:
- White paper blog outlines
- Final blog post***
- Excel spreadsheets

Personal tasks:
- Nail down cover letter for Kingston dream job
- Apply to bookmarked jobs found on Keys and SLC Job Board
- Follow-up with interview request from KCCU
- Research attendees of Dinner Series tomorrow night
- Try not to think of home

Sadly I will admit that I am a big "pussy" and have been home sick for the past couple weeks. The first week was an adventure, the second was getting settled, and then after that I feel like I have been enjoying the experience of living in Toronto less and less. :( I am not a 'big city' girl - much as I would like to think so. I just want to go home to Kingston, because I miss my Mom, John, Blake, and Midnight.

April 11, 2011

CNW Day 16

Hello All,

Okay okay, so I am a little behind in my posts!
Please don't be mad, pretty please!

Consider it a positive sign that I do not have time to write grammatically incorrect blog posts that no one reads (except you Mom). Luckly I have been keeping very busy both at work and outside of work. I had a lovely weekend in Toronto celebrating a birthday (mmmm cake), and relaxing. I was not excited to come back, as I am starting to miss my room, my bed, my Mommy and all of my friends. Fear not...I will rise above, and continue to move forward.

Currently I am chasing a couple leads for internships (paid and unpaid), and jobs. I had a very good interview this morning with a lovely woman who I wish all the best. She has created an amazing product that will help millions (if she can effectively get the word out). I am hoping that she chooses me to help her climb the ladder to success, but if not, I am still rooting for her. I have entered step one (of four) in the selection process for my DREAM internship. This is the kind of opportunity that one hopes and dreams of, but never really expects to come true. I have been checking my e-mail constantly all day long hoping to receive further communication from them, but I have nothing to report yet. This is the company that I have wanted to work for ever since I first learned of their existance, and I consider it an honor to have even come this far. At the very least they read my application and thought I was worth a shot (and that's something).

As for paying job interviews...I think I have one this week! Again, I am not going to say where it is because I don't want to a) jynx it or b) encourage competition, but it's a pretty big deal and I am already doing research on the company to make sure I know my stuff. The position is not quite where I thought I would end up, but it's a huge company with lots of opportunity for advancement over time. Let's just say this would be a SWEET job to get, especially right out of college.

Hmmm...I am not sure what else to talk about. I did make it to the gym this evening, and am going to stay true to the routine of going right after work. I find that if I get home and relax for too long I loose the motivation to go, and end up being a lazy bum. Hahaha. I have an awards ceremony to attend this weekend and would like to be able to fit into the dress I hav worn for the past two years (yeah, that's right ladies...same dress THREE years in a row).

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

Ps: It is 9:13pm, and my eyes hurt. I am going to look this over/edit tomorrow morning, but I have to post it in case Mom comes to read it. Ha.

April 05, 2011

CNW Day Twelve

Yo yo players,
What is good in the hood?

I cannot believe today is April 5th already, I remember starting third year in September and wondering where the heck I was going to end up on placement...and being scared to death of trying to find a job. Guess what? It's all good! I am doing placement with an awesome company, and am working with amazing people. *smiles*

Today was all over the place, and I did my first wave of organization. Yes...I am an extremely organized individual, but sometimes I like to not only be able to SEE things, I like to be able to touch them. With that in mind I went through all the quotes I have been receiving for various upcoming CNW events and PRINTED them. Yes, I wasted paper...but now I can actually look at them all side-by-side and not have to got through the hundreds of e-mails I have sent in the past two weeks. Other than that I wrote speaking notes for the CNW Breakfast with the Media event (April 15th). It was fun, and will be even MORE fun to hear someone else say my words. :D

Here was my CNW to-do list for the day:
- Proof read survey
- Edit May events calendar info/add new events
- Follow-up with Ace Awards flower arrangements
- Work on weekly blog post
- Finish events outline
- Print ALL quotes for ALL events
- Write Breakfast with the Media speaking notes for MC

Here was my personal to-do list of the day:
- TWEET (for me and Paw+Paw)
- Track shipping of portfolio, and make sure it is delivered safely
- Apply for Account Coordinator position (re: Kathy's Facebook post)
- Apply for new LinkedIn job posting
- Vote for spirit of the Greg's Award
- Gear up for AdLounge Dinner Series interview tomorrow

The reason I do not say exactly which jobs I apply for is because of COMPETITION. If they job is being advertised like crazy then I can assume lots of people are applying, but otherwise I might as well not give people the information (and possibly raise my chances of at least getting an interview). You think I am mean? Well, I am one of the nicest people on the planet, and for once I have been told by EVERYONE that I need to put myself first and go for it...so that is exactly what I am trying to do. :D

Please cross your fingers for me (that mean you Mom) tomorrow at 1pm. I will be sitting in my interview, and doing my best to impress the Boost Agents so I can move on to the next phase. I will do some research tonight, and begin tomorrow with a lovely early-morning workout.

Ta ta for now my darlings,
- Mandi

April 04, 2011

CNW Day Eleven

Word To Ma Hommies,

I know that I am missing "CNW Day Ten", but that was Friday and I was too busy to post. I figured there would be no point in writing a post now, as it would be submitted on today's date. Instead I will just talk about today, and the many interesting tasks I have completed. I feel like I have a good system worked out, and am completing tasks in a reasonable amount of time. Sadly today is a gloomy Monday, and that is exactly how I am feeling! I tried to start my day off with a smile, but it didn't make it all the way to the office...and all I want to do is go home and go to bed.

CNW List for the Day:
- Flower arrangements for the Ace Awards
- Decide/create signature cocktail for Ace Awards
- Follow-up with breakfast/party quotes from last week
- Finish writing event outline
- Start another blog post
- Edit event calender info for all events in April

Personal List for the Day:
- Set up job interview time
- Look into Facebook landing pages for Paw+Paw
- Tweet (all day)
- Personal blog post
- Continue job search

I am now at the start of week three, and am starting to feel drained. Despite going to be early every night, and literally sitting on my a** all day, I feel tired. I have no idea why, because I was go-go-go during school (all day, everyday) and never felt like this. The last thing I want to do is go to the gym when I am off, but unless I want to continue to gain weight I need to suck it up.

Any suggestions on how to keep energy levels up when I am sitting at a desk from 9am-5pm everyday? I eat a good breakfast, lunch, dinner and go to bed really early. If this is a preview of what the rest of my life is going to be like...I am discouraged.

*Please let me win the lottery!*

Ta ta for now lovelies,
- Mandi

March 31, 2011

CNW Day Nine

For the first time in a long time I got really excited today, and then within 20mins was disappointed again. :( I won tickets to the LG Fashion show on Friday night, but I can't go because I am going back to Kingston. I have won other contests in my life that I was not actually able to attend (and it looks like this is going to be the same). This sucks a lot! I can't give my prize to anyone either, which I clearly would if I could. Big giant frown!

As far as work at CNW today, I think I accomplished quite a lot. I had a large to-do list and managed to scratch off everything except for one (which would have been the tedious task of the day). Since I am nearing the end of week two I feel like I have found my grove and am fitting into the office a bit more! My supervisors send me things to do on a regular basis, and are confident that I will finish in a timely fashion. To be honest I cannot think of anything to say today, just another day at the office doing things similar to what I have written before. Hahaha. There was some horrible news received today, but I can't talk about it at all. I wish there was something I could do to help them but it's out of everyone's control, and they just need to deal with it as it comes. Back to my day...apart from small details being changed, the things I am doing did are basically the same as every other day.

Now I am wondering if this is the case with all jobs?

I certainly do need to find a job in an environment that allows my creative juices to flow. I am, without a doubt, made for the world of Advertising, and hope that I can make it there! Karma needs to lend me a hand because I work my but off, follow every lead, and am just praying that someone throws me a bone.

Tonight will be Tim Burton with Ricardo, and I am looking forward to it. Just home quick first to change, and grab a snack. I am now confident that I can find my way around without having to write directions down step by step. Toronto is pretty easy to figure out, in comparison to Kingston at least, since most places are accessible without having to "transfer" on TTC.

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

March 30, 2011

CNW Day Eight

Buon pomeriggio!
It is already 4:37pm, and I am just starting my blog for the day. I usually have the ability to work on it a bit during lunch, but today I was otherwise engaged. I am running out of time and have some stuff to do tomorrow, so I can't write a long winded explanation of everything I did. Instead I will give you the short, sweet, and boring version.

CNW list for the day:
- Research Christmas Party venue
- Follow-up on breakfast catering quotes (re-work menu)
- Follow-up on Watermark party quote
- Request quote from other venue
- Research trade show booth solutions
- Follow-up on custom booth quote requests from Tuesday
- Work on blog post for the week
- Whitepaper summaries
- PowerPoint presentation edits

Personal list for the day:
- Apply for MasterCard internship
- Apply for Mashable internship (x2)
- Request recommendations on LinkedIn
- Bug P+P people about choosing pet names
- Tweet
- Post final TMP advertisements on Tumblr
- Write a 'hire me' post for Tumblr

I think that is everything I did, doesn't seem like a lot when I write it out...but it took me from 9am-5pm. I am heading home in a few minutes to cook spaghetti for Leon (and myself of course). On the way home I have to stop in Shoppers Drug Mart because Leon informed me it's seniors day tomorrow, and he is going to use one of his many old-lady friends to get me a discount. Hahahaha. I don't know if there is anything I really need, but never hurts to check and make sure, especially with a nice discount offer on the table.

Please cross your fingers for me dear readers (a.k.a. Mom). I would love nothing more than to get the chance to work at ANY of the places I have applied for. All I want to too is prove that I am capable, and would make a valuable addition to any company. *sigh* My time will come.

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

Ps: Have you been clicking the add on my blog? Please do, I need the $!! Hahaha.

March 29, 2011

I'm Priceless!!

Hey MasterCard,
Want to know why I would make an excellent intern?

1. I have a MasterCard, and have paid interest on it (so you've made $ off of me!)
2. I like my MasterCard, it allows me to buy cool stuff!
3. I think MasterCards are cool!
4. My Mom and Dad also have Mastercards, and pay way more interest than me ;) !
5. I mentioned MasterCard in a previous blog, before I even learned about the internship.
6. I have posts many statuses (Facebook/Twitter) that end with the word priceless.
7. I always tell my friends they need to get a MasterCard!

Okay, now let's get a bit more serious...

I am about to graduate, thus offer a fresh eyes and ideas.
The name of my program is Integrated Marketing Communications, enough said.
I have excellent oral, and written, communication skills.
I am a hard worker, and always give 100%!
Analyzing data is fun, and I am good at it.
I play nice with others, but am also productive on my own.
I have great presentation skills!
My time management skills are amazing, I haven't missed a deadline yet!
I am an 'out of the box' thinker.
I did two years of French Immersion, although my skills aren't what they used to be.
I understand the importance of professionalism, and maintaining the a corporate image.
I prefer to be hands-on, that's how I do my best work.
Computer programs excite me, especially Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

I could probably go on, but those are the most important reasons that I would make a priceless addition to the MasterCard team. Apart from school I also like to help my friends (which again makes me priceless). I am acting Social Media Manager for a start-up company (www.pawpluspaw.com) owned by two of my classmates. We are just getting off the ground, but my hope is that this company will be a great success.

I hope that this has painted a clearer picture of who I am, and what I have to offer MasterCard. In closing I would like to say...getting an internship with MasterCard would be PRICELESS!!!

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi