May 09, 2009

Germany - Day 7

Date: Saturday May 9th, 2009

Weather: A sunny, warm, beautiful day.
Woke up: Noon.
Bedtime: 00:30

Breakfast: Toast w/ peanut butter, and water.
Lunch: German equivelent of a beavertail, pretzel and water.
Dinner: Scrambeled eggs, apple, butter cookies and water.

With my headache last night I was up very late, and did not get to sleep for what seems like hours. With that in mind I did sleep in rather late today, and did not get out of bed until noon. I quickly showered, made my breakfast and got ready to head out for the day with Melanie.

Much to my surprise I had one new follower on Twitter, Mom! I smiled at her picture. It's nice to have a Mom that takes so much interest in you life, and I think it's really cool that she opened an account. With all of the Volunteer work, and interesting things she does, I will not be surprised if she gains a great number of followers. As with anything else in this life it takes time to gain followers, so Melanie told me not to get discouraged yet, and to keep at it. So, I will....

Unlike the rest of this week when i went shopping today I actually bought myself well as a few more gifts for friends and family. And I was able to exchange the T-Shirt for John, which is a huge load off my mind. One of the things I bought is a summer dress, something that I would not be able to find in Kingston...or even Toronto, the other is a beautiful part of jeans, also something I could not find in Kingston. Other than that I picked up something very special for my Mom, it's small, but I know she will love it.

After a day of shopping Melanie and I met two of her friends at a nearby Beer Garden, and it was quite an experience. Almost every table was full, and I saw everything from old men playing checkers to children biting into huge pretzels. We mostly chatted about Twitter, and about Sue (the friend of Melanie) accepting one of three job offers. She is only 23 years old, and has already earned her masters degree...very impressive. Although I did not get any beer I had a taste of Melanie's Lemonade Beer, which is a half/half misture of Beer, and you guessed it, lemonade. I was told that it does not really taste like beer, but because I really don't like beer, it was still all I could taste. One thing worth mentioning is how close the tables were together. The benches between the tables were touching one another, and when two men sat on either side of me (on the table behind) I was boxed in, so when we left I actually climbed under the table and out the other side, I figured it was a lot easier than trying to get them to move, and I was wearing a I could not climb the same way I would with pants on. Hahaha.

The night was spent in, again, Twittering. Thanks to Sue, and Melanie alike, I have gained several new followers and made a new friend. We watched the finale of German's Idol...which was interesting, as they do things quite different from the Canadian/American versions. Each singer sang three songs, then another show was played for about an hour while the votes were being collected. I had an imaginery bet on Daniel, and was correct. He won with 50.47% of the votes (or something close to that), which when you think about it is next to nothing. I think Germany did choose the right winner, his voice is amazing!

I will watch one episodr of House before bed, I need a bit of English.
Goodnight, and ta ta for now.

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