May 05, 2009

Germany - Day 3

Date: Tuesday May 5th, 2009.

Woke up:
Exactly 11:11am.

Bedtime: Around 23:30...
Cloudy, dark, cold, and very windy.

Breakfast: Toast w/ raspberry jam, orange juice and some water.
Pasta w/ homemade alfredo sauce and water.
Desert: Butter cookies, and more water.

Today was both eventful and uneventful at the same time. The only things I did were a sight-seeing tour on a double decker bus, then stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get some groceies for dinner. The bus tour had two choices, a shot 1 hour tour through the heart of the city and a 2.5 hour tour which included the Palace, and Olympic Park. Since I had nothing else to do today I decided to splurge on the longer tour so I could see the Palace. By the time I got downtown and found my way to the departure point it was 14:00, which meant I still had enough time to get off the bus and spend an hour at the Palace.

The tour of downtown was kind of pointless for me because I actually wandered almost the entire route on Monday when I was 'shopping' downtown. The Palace was beautiful, but I was dissapointed because they did not allow flash photography inside. The icing on the cake...althought photography was allowed inside it was so dark you could hardly see in front of you! I was slightly dissapointed.

There are a few funny things that happened today that I think are worth mentioning. While I was on the bus all of a sudden everyone in the font starts pointing and laughing. Then I see two old women walking across the street. One was all in red, the other was blue, their bottoms looked like underwear and tank tops on top. I have no idea what there were doing, but seeing all that saggy baggy skin was more than I needed to see. Regardless, props to them for actually doing it.

Another thing that made me chuckle inside was when I got on the transit to head downtown. We stopped in front of an office building and two men in very expencive looking suits jumped in. They had no idea how to use the machine to pay, and didn't have a ticket to stamp. They stood there talking back and forth in German, pressing buttons and putting the wrong coins into the machine. They finally figured it out right before I got off downtown!

The number one thing that I have noticed since being here is the cars. They are all very small and compact...comparable to the the Fit. I have seen a lot of Mini Coopers and Smat cars. I am sure it's not true but it seems like even the roads here are more narrow. And the number of expencive cars I see day-to-day is amazing, even the taxis here are Mercedes. Believe it or not I actually saw a Mercedes dump truck, and a Mercedes cement truck. Of course there are also hundreds or cars from BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Austin Martin, and of course Mercedes Benz. Never have I seen so many beautiful vehicles in one place before. Even the dealerships are pretty...floors and walls made of marble, inside of old buildings that don't even look like dealerships. It's incredible!!

After looking through Melanie's movie collection I decided that Butterfly Effect was a good choice for the evening. I have seen is a number of times, but it's one of those movies that never gets old. Afterwards I decided to throw on a video game that Melanie has several versions of, Sing Star. I do not fancy myself a singer, by any means...and had fun just goofing around singing to myself (and the kittens).

It is now 22:01 and I am going to get ready for bed, then read a bit.
Goodnight, and ta ta for now.

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