March 31, 2011

CNW Day Nine

For the first time in a long time I got really excited today, and then within 20mins was disappointed again. :( I won tickets to the LG Fashion show on Friday night, but I can't go because I am going back to Kingston. I have won other contests in my life that I was not actually able to attend (and it looks like this is going to be the same). This sucks a lot! I can't give my prize to anyone either, which I clearly would if I could. Big giant frown!

As far as work at CNW today, I think I accomplished quite a lot. I had a large to-do list and managed to scratch off everything except for one (which would have been the tedious task of the day). Since I am nearing the end of week two I feel like I have found my grove and am fitting into the office a bit more! My supervisors send me things to do on a regular basis, and are confident that I will finish in a timely fashion. To be honest I cannot think of anything to say today, just another day at the office doing things similar to what I have written before. Hahaha. There was some horrible news received today, but I can't talk about it at all. I wish there was something I could do to help them but it's out of everyone's control, and they just need to deal with it as it comes. Back to my day...apart from small details being changed, the things I am doing did are basically the same as every other day.

Now I am wondering if this is the case with all jobs?

I certainly do need to find a job in an environment that allows my creative juices to flow. I am, without a doubt, made for the world of Advertising, and hope that I can make it there! Karma needs to lend me a hand because I work my but off, follow every lead, and am just praying that someone throws me a bone.

Tonight will be Tim Burton with Ricardo, and I am looking forward to it. Just home quick first to change, and grab a snack. I am now confident that I can find my way around without having to write directions down step by step. Toronto is pretty easy to figure out, in comparison to Kingston at least, since most places are accessible without having to "transfer" on TTC.

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

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