March 29, 2011

CNW Day Seven

Guten Tag Meine Leser,
I hope that you have had a wonderful day today, as mine was pretty productive and I am in an excellent mood. Today is the second day of week two, the day before "hump day" (as my previous internship taught me is another name for Wednesday).

Tedious task of the day: Going through MORE magazines and cutting out CNW advertisements for filing.

I put that task first, since it was the first thing I did today. Afterward I look some time to work on my blog post for the week, and am pretty happy with what I have so far. I had a meeting about trade show booth design (thank you JSP), called some catering companies for quotes, and also called a couple venues for a party booking. Other than that I spent my lunch looking for jobs (as usual), Tweeting, and working on some stuff for Paw+Paw. I am putting together ideas their blog, which includes making some lists about possible weekly posts. I will not ruin the surprise here, but there are lots of new tasks in the works and I can't wait to see what our collaborative brains scheme up. OH...AND...I also got an e-mail response from one of my job applications!!!! It is not for a full-time position, but the product is amazing and if I do a good job...who knows. I have to make sure it will be okay for me to be late for work (in order to attend the interview), but I don't see that being a problem.

After work I am meeting Ricardo at Union Station, and from there we will head to 22 Cumberland Street, where the Third Tuesday Toronto event is taking place. Only think I am not looking forward to is having to say in my work clothes longer than usual, but I think it's a fair trade in exchange for networking opportunities. Watch my Twitter account closely (@mandirv), as I will likely be Tweeting non-stop throughout the event.

Ta ta for now,
Until tomorrow!
- Mandi

Ps: There is a special internship that I am applying to, so I will have an extra post on the site unrelated to CNW that is a self-promotion piece. *Just a warning!*

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  1. You sound so up and positive. It warms my heart.
    Best of luck in all you plans!