March 23, 2011

CNW Day Three

Why hello fellow bloggers,
I am glad you have found your way to my blog, perhaps you've been here before...or maybe it's your first time. This is a blog about nothing, mostly just a chance to get my thoughts out of my head to prevent me from going insane.

Today was my third day of placement at CNW Group. I arrived at the same time as my supervisor, Starbucks in hand, and got right to work. Included on my schedule for today was writing ghost blog posts and copy for a new page on the CNW website. I also continued on with some of the things I was assigned yesterday, and edited some documents that were returned to our department with corrections. I also spent some time working on my weekly blog post, and am sad to report that I am not pleased with it. Originally my idea seemed great, but as I started to write I discovered that perhaps I am the only one who will think so (*discouraged*). I will take my work home with me tonight and work on it over dinner, or before bed. My draft is due tomorrow, so I will have to live with whatever I have done. :( Might have to do a complete re-write, but that is something that I will try to avoid.

Life updates:
- Applied for another job in Social Media (*fingers crossed*)
- Was invited to another networking event in April
- Found out I will be an extra in a CNW video on Friday
- Am ONE question away from finishing Next Gen Dinner Series Application
- I have officially added AdSense to my blog (what a sellout, but please click through...)

To finish up day three I need to take a moment to rant about the HORRIBLE weather happening in Toronto right now. What the heck happened to spring? This storm is as bad as mid-winter in Toronto...I could hardly walk forward this morning. It's now the end of the day and the snow has not let up at all, and is not supposed to stop until midnight tonight. I am crossing my fingers that the commute to work tomorrow is a bit more enjoyable, and that the sun comes out again.

Tonight I will head back to Leon's and make Alfredo with chicken for dinner. My feet are still pretty swore from my idiocy on sadly I cannot go to the gym. Instead I will throw on the TV and spend some time spinning on Leon's stationary bike. (Better than nothing right?)

Until tomorrow my dear readers,
Ta ta for now.
- Mandi

Ps: I would say I followed an estimated 100 links today to jobs posted in marketing, advertising and public relations and applied for the ONLY one that did not require prior experience. So the questions remains....who wants to find me a job?

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  1. Blister pads - they stay on for days and you will be fine at the Gym!