March 24, 2011

CNW Day Four

Hello yet again,
(I am running out of salutations!)

Today was day four at CNW, and it went by pretty quickly. I finished my blog for their corporate page (excited), did some edits for random documents handed to me, and set up meetings with venues to talk to caterers and take pictures! The trivial tasks of today was going through 2008 files and seeing if there was anything worth keeping. Let's just say I have a very large pile of paper clips on my desk that I did not have the heart to throw out.

I know that I only mentioned my blog post in passing, but considering you are reading one right now I figured there was no point in telling. Fear not dear friends, for I will be sure include a link to the blog in my post tomorrow. (So be patient!)

On another note, I started a new job today (hahaha). I am now acting Social Media Marketing Manager for Paw+Paw ( I have been bugging these guys to let me do this for a while now, and they finally gave into my demands. They are so busy with the website and marketing aspects of the business that they had completely forgotten about social media. MANDI TO THE RESCUE...with the help of Tweet Deck of course. This application is quickly becoming my lifeline, I can't imagine ever living without it. Check out @pawpluspaw on Twitter to see what they have been up to, or if you want to see what's going on in my life...feel free to check me out: @mandirv.

Aside from jobs that don't offer any sort of compensation, I have sent out a couple more applications for jobs that DO. Two more sent out today, and two more that I am going to finish and send out tomorrow. If this was snail mail I would be completely broke from buying postage stamps. Now I will borrow a phrase from Mastercard: Next Generation Dinner Series application (done), applications for countless jobs in Toronto (done), getting my first full-time job in the industry (priceless)!

Feet update: they are now about 70% healed! I think I will venture down the street to the gym again and attempt to avoid the juice heads while I do a quick bit of cardio, and then a nice shoulder/back workout. Sadly I have to admit that sitting at a desk all day and actually eating three meals a day has likely added to my figure. I am feeling tired, and extra I will attempt to use my spare time at home on weekends to get in a good workout. (Although I doubt that will happen.) *sigh*

Sorry this post was so short, but I didn't have a lot to say (and it's the end of the day).
Oh man, I love it when I rhyme...(it's such a good time). Okay....I'll stop!
Ta ta for now lovelies,
- Mandi

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