March 28, 2011

CNW Day Six

Happy Monday Everyone,
The weekend went by far too quickly, and I am back at CNW for the week. I am quite looking forward to this week though, as I have some fun after work activities planned.

My day started with a task that I was not exactly looking forward to, but in the end it proved to be an excellent thing for me to do. I had to go around the office and hand out fliers from my department to everyone else who works here. I greeted everyone in the office with a friendly "Good Morning" and introduced myself to them. Everyone (except one) was friendly, and welcomed me to CNW. I also did some editing, and added some of my work to their files for future publication.

At 2:00pm I took a cab to my meeting (with one of my supervisors Fiona), and took photographs of the venue. It was a beautiful space, and I wish I could attend the event they will be holding there. Fiona and I had a very lovely walk back, during which time we shared life stories and got to know each other a bit. Our pasts have a lot in common, and I think she is a truly genuine person!

When I got back I transfered the files to my computer and checked some CDs to make sure the content matched what was written on them. I did not get to work on my blog post for the week, as I was busy with the tasks assigned to me...but hopefully I will get to start it tomorrow. Mom gave me some great idea, and I think I am going to try to write several posts with them (go Mom).

Tedious task of the day: Looking through old magazines and cutting out CNW advertisements for filing.

As for tonight it looks like I am going to Skype in to the Paw+Paw meeting that is taking place in Kingston, and it will be my first one. I may stop to pick up some groceries on the way home, and perhaps look around the mall...if I feel like it. I have lots of stuff to do this week and am going to feel really guilty about not going to the gym, but I will attempt to walk a little extra to make up for it. I also have the option of using Leon's stationary bike again, which I will admit was a pretty intense leg workout.

Anyways, the day is over and I would like to go home.
Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

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