March 22, 2011

CNW Day Two

Good Evening Followers,
Today started off on the right foot, woke up before the alarm and was able to turn it off before it sounded (saving my ears from the terrible noise). I ate some breakfast, got dressed, put on COMFY boots and came down to work. My strategy for the rest of the six weeks will be to leave my heals at the office and walk to and from in comfy boots.

As you can clearly tell by the title of this blog entry, today marks the second day of my adventure at CNW Group. I am very pleased to report that they have put me to work, and I have been busy the entire day. Although it is only day two I can tell that I will be of great use to them, and will take a lot away from this placement. I did several interesting things today, one of while included sourcing a venue for an event being held in San Diego California. It was quite interesting to look through all the potential venues and try to decide which would be best without actually getting to see them up close and personal. I narrowed it down to four, inquired about the cost of renting the space, and by 3:30pm three of the four venues had responded to my inquiries (excellent business practice). At this point I have forwarded all necessary information to one of my supervisors, and look forward to the next steps.

Other things I did today included WhitePaper summaries for documents that CNW posts on their website as a further education tool for their clients, drafting Facebook group statuses, and other event related tasks. I am sorry if this seems very vague, but I am working for a big corporation and do not want to leak any secrets.

Tedious task of the day: Counting out 350 CNW branded Tide-to-Go pens and putting them into a box, realizing they don't fit in that box...and then having to transferring them into another box.

I also had some time on my lunch today to apply for a job that I saw being Tweeted on my Tweet Deck. This is the very first job that I have seen in the marketing/advertising industry that did not say "3-5 years experience required". In my humble opinion if you are hiring someone for a Social Media Marketing position, you can't ask that they have 3-5 years experience, because social media marketing has not been a serious part of the marketing mix for five years yet (maybe three, but even that is pushing it). In order for me to gain experience someone needs to give me a chance to do so, and all that companies are looking for is post-graduates who have already been working in the field.

To the employers out there DON'T BE SCARED OF YOUTH. Believe it or not having someone fresh out of school and eager to please will be a huge asset to your company. Most of us grew up with social media, and spend more than 70% of our time interacting with brands online and through our mobile devices. Please give us a chance, and we will prove to be with your time (and money).

That is all for today, gym better yesterday I put on my runners and almost cried from the pain of taking even a few steps. I have taped up my feet and hope that I will be able to do some light cardio and a full set of weights. If I don't get to go my post tomorrow will likely have a grouchy tone (just a warning).

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

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