March 30, 2011

CNW Day Eight

Buon pomeriggio!
It is already 4:37pm, and I am just starting my blog for the day. I usually have the ability to work on it a bit during lunch, but today I was otherwise engaged. I am running out of time and have some stuff to do tomorrow, so I can't write a long winded explanation of everything I did. Instead I will give you the short, sweet, and boring version.

CNW list for the day:
- Research Christmas Party venue
- Follow-up on breakfast catering quotes (re-work menu)
- Follow-up on Watermark party quote
- Request quote from other venue
- Research trade show booth solutions
- Follow-up on custom booth quote requests from Tuesday
- Work on blog post for the week
- Whitepaper summaries
- PowerPoint presentation edits

Personal list for the day:
- Apply for MasterCard internship
- Apply for Mashable internship (x2)
- Request recommendations on LinkedIn
- Bug P+P people about choosing pet names
- Tweet
- Post final TMP advertisements on Tumblr
- Write a 'hire me' post for Tumblr

I think that is everything I did, doesn't seem like a lot when I write it out...but it took me from 9am-5pm. I am heading home in a few minutes to cook spaghetti for Leon (and myself of course). On the way home I have to stop in Shoppers Drug Mart because Leon informed me it's seniors day tomorrow, and he is going to use one of his many old-lady friends to get me a discount. Hahahaha. I don't know if there is anything I really need, but never hurts to check and make sure, especially with a nice discount offer on the table.

Please cross your fingers for me dear readers (a.k.a. Mom). I would love nothing more than to get the chance to work at ANY of the places I have applied for. All I want to too is prove that I am capable, and would make a valuable addition to any company. *sigh* My time will come.

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

Ps: Have you been clicking the add on my blog? Please do, I need the $!! Hahaha.

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