April 25, 2011

CNW Day 25

My deepest apologies!

I was home for the weekend and my Mom reminded me that I have not been writing my daily blog post. While it was nice to know that someone is actually reading, I already knew that she was the only one...but I will write just to make her smile.

The fact that I have not been as dedicated to my personal posts should be a good thing, because it means that I have been busy! After the first couple weeks at CNW I got into a rhythm, and was so busy doing work that I did not have time for personal endeavors while on the job.

It is not week six, and I have completed my 200 hours of placement! What I am doing now is above and beyond the call of duty, as CNW has been more than supportive of my job search, and allowed me to leave work early (or come in late) several times over my placement. I consider these last few days a big THANK YOU to them for being so understanding, and giving me a truly valuable placement experience. During my last few days I will be writing my final blog post, and making sure that all the projects I have been working on are passed along to Amanda so she can follow-through and finish what I was not allowed to.

Tasks for today:
- White paper blog outlines
- Final blog post***
- Excel spreadsheets

Personal tasks:
- Nail down cover letter for Kingston dream job
- Apply to bookmarked jobs found on Keys and SLC Job Board
- Follow-up with interview request from KCCU
- Research attendees of Dinner Series tomorrow night
- Try not to think of home

Sadly I will admit that I am a big "pussy" and have been home sick for the past couple weeks. The first week was an adventure, the second was getting settled, and then after that I feel like I have been enjoying the experience of living in Toronto less and less. :( I am not a 'big city' girl - much as I would like to think so. I just want to go home to Kingston, because I miss my Mom, John, Blake, and Midnight.

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