April 11, 2011

CNW Day 16

Hello All,

Okay okay, so I am a little behind in my posts!
Please don't be mad, pretty please!

Consider it a positive sign that I do not have time to write grammatically incorrect blog posts that no one reads (except you Mom). Luckly I have been keeping very busy both at work and outside of work. I had a lovely weekend in Toronto celebrating a birthday (mmmm cake), and relaxing. I was not excited to come back, as I am starting to miss my room, my bed, my Mommy and all of my friends. Fear not...I will rise above, and continue to move forward.

Currently I am chasing a couple leads for internships (paid and unpaid), and jobs. I had a very good interview this morning with a lovely woman who I wish all the best. She has created an amazing product that will help millions (if she can effectively get the word out). I am hoping that she chooses me to help her climb the ladder to success, but if not, I am still rooting for her. I have entered step one (of four) in the selection process for my DREAM internship. This is the kind of opportunity that one hopes and dreams of, but never really expects to come true. I have been checking my e-mail constantly all day long hoping to receive further communication from them, but I have nothing to report yet. This is the company that I have wanted to work for ever since I first learned of their existance, and I consider it an honor to have even come this far. At the very least they read my application and thought I was worth a shot (and that's something).

As for paying job interviews...I think I have one this week! Again, I am not going to say where it is because I don't want to a) jynx it or b) encourage competition, but it's a pretty big deal and I am already doing research on the company to make sure I know my stuff. The position is not quite where I thought I would end up, but it's a huge company with lots of opportunity for advancement over time. Let's just say this would be a SWEET job to get, especially right out of college.

Hmmm...I am not sure what else to talk about. I did make it to the gym this evening, and am going to stay true to the routine of going right after work. I find that if I get home and relax for too long I loose the motivation to go, and end up being a lazy bum. Hahaha. I have an awards ceremony to attend this weekend and would like to be able to fit into the dress I hav worn for the past two years (yeah, that's right ladies...same dress THREE years in a row).

Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

Ps: It is 9:13pm, and my eyes hurt. I am going to look this over/edit tomorrow morning, but I have to post it in case Mom comes to read it. Ha.

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