January 20, 2010

Acart Day 8

It's hump day!

No...not that kind of hump, what a dirty mind you have! It is Wednesday, the hump in the middle of a 'regular' work week (Mon-Fri). So far it does not feel like there is much of a hump to get over, as I am busy at Acart...sitting in on meetings, and working on my very own Creative Brief. I wish I could talk about all the stuff I am doing, but sadly I do not want to ruin any surprises or get into trouble...confidentiality is important!

One thing I have to say about Acart is that I love the entire atmosphere...but my favourite place is the brainstorm room. I don't know what it's actually called, but that's the only thing I have done in there...so that's what I named it. It's a bright green with a couch, and 4 comfy chairs surrounding a table. There are what look like leaf umbrellas coming out of the walls shading us (even tho we are indoors), and a white board on the back wall to write ideas...or anything we want. What a great place to get the creative juices flowing, and the best part is you get to be comfortable while you do it.

The working world certainly is a lot different than being in school, seems like with commute and a 9 hour day there is not much time for anything else. I am also alone in this big city, don't know anyone...so I just go home and spend the evening alone. This might be a bit different if I took the opportunity to meet some new people...but I am already half way done my stay in Ottawa, and go home on weekends to work (the prime social period of the week).
So...this evening I will put on my favourite sappy love songs for the bus ride/walk home, sit and catch up on Tom's blog...then put on a chick flick (or a hardcore action movie)...and go to bed.
Hope everyone had an awesome hump day!
Ta ta for now,
- Mandi

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