January 14, 2010

Acart Day 4

After taking my first ever 'all natural' sleeping pill last night at 8:30pm, I woke up at 7:57am to a faint alarm going off. My phone had somehow gotten under my sheet and I had slept right through the alarm that went off at 6am. Perhaps it was a mix of the headache medication, headache and the fast that I have never taken a sleeping pill before...but man was I ever angry.

I got ready as quick as I could and arrived very late for work, at 9:20am. :( This is not the type of impression I want to give them, and I have learned my lesson never to take a 'new' drug again. Or at least when taking a sleeping pill make sure you don't have to get up at 6am the next morning. Regardless I will be relying on natural sleep from now on, headache or not.

So far I have not done much today, but I am going to see one of the superiors to ask if there is anything at all I can do for her. Craig, Tom, Vernon and Amanda are still in Montreal for the commercial shot, so I am at a loss for guidance. Hopefully I will not be sitting here all day again reading blogs and eves dropping on the conversations around the office. I want to be put to work!

So I ended up being given something to do by John Westbrook, and he told me I had until the end of the following week to get it done. Well...I finished in 4 hours (which included my lunch break in the middle). I guess when there is only one thing on your plate it's easier to get done. But also keep in mind that I am a student and do many powerpoint each semester...so it's not really something new and exciting. I powered through the two slideshows I had to make, and that was that. He gave me permission to leave early tomorrow and catch the train home.

I am excited to see everyone, but it's going to be a busy weekend since I am working the whole time. Ekkk. A week of working at a real job, then home on the weekend to work my part time job. Life just keeps getting more and more busy!

Time to eat, pack my bag for home, wash up...and go to bed.
Ta ta for now.

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