January 13, 2010

Acart Day 3

Today is my third day working at Acart Communications as an intern.

I will be working here for three weeks under the wing of Craig and his client services team. So far I have sat in on a few meetings, and done a lot of competitor research for different re-branding campaigns. I am also giving my humble opinion on some copy for a campaign I cannot talk about. Hahaha.

Even after a few days here I have decided that I want to be a copy writer. I have always excelled in English and enjoyed writing, so I think it is a perfect fit. The input I have provided to far has been given the thumbs up and some of my work was even submitted and made into an ad. If it is approved through focus testing it will become part of the campaign! Pretty cool right?

I am not sure what the rest of today will hold, so far just a bit of research that I have finished! I am looking over some campaign material as well as just observing the inner workings of the office. Trying to soak up as much as possible!

Until next time fellow bloggers...
Ta ta for now.

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