November 24, 2009


After ten long years of being taken to church every Sunday from when I was three to around 13, I decided that it was no longer for me. We only live one life, and I believe that during that short time we should do whatever we. Thus the reason for my only true belief, KARMA BABY!! I model my life around Karma because although a lot of crappy things have happened to me in the past, and by believing in Karma I know that things will eventually turn around. I try my best to be an all around good person and treat everyone with the kindness and respect they deserve, so at some point that kindness and respect will be given back to me. Or at least I hope!!

The past few months have been tough, and somewhat confusing...but I know how that everything happens for a reason and that I will be happy again soon. In the mean time I am keeping myself as busy as possible with school, work, the gym, and partying with friends. All those things added together make for an awesome time...besides homework (which no one ever wants to do). Hahaha. I have applied for an Internship, but have yet to hear back. Although I am disappointed I know that even if I don't get it there is a reason, and that reason will become clear later on in life. I will apply for local internships and see where that takes me, maybe something unexpected will come of it? Plus at least that way I don't have to pay room and board for three weeks of working for free. (See, there IS an up side to everything!)

On another happy note I am officially done caring what people think. I am going to dance while driving whenever I want, blare the same horrible dance music on repeat at home (or in the car), I'm going to wear 'comfy' clothes outside of the house even though I'm afraid I look bad, and I'm going to dance and bob my head at the gym even if people think it's weird. Most of all I am going to take chances that I normally wouldn't take, and stop being afraid of the never know where you can find something good. Magic happens everyday, and I think it's my turn for a bit of that magic.

That is all for now folks.
Tune in next time...whenever that may be.
Ta ta for now.
- Mandi

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